Food Menu

Original specialties


Gol Gape(v) $9.99

Tangy street delight with raw mango, guava, and tamarind water

Aloo Tikki Sliders (v) $11.99

Mini potato patties in a bun with in-house sauce

Paneer Tikka (v) $15.99

Clay oven-roasted cottage cheese with veggies

Malai Chaap (v) $15.99

Creamy soya chunks with yogurt and aromatic spices

Papdi Chaat $10.99

Crunchy street Snack served with tangy sauces

Palak Patta Chaat (v) $12.99

Crispy spinach with sweet yogurt and tamarind chutney

Tandoori Chicken Tikka (n) $15.99

Marinated Chicken cooked in tandoor

Honey Chilli Potatoes (v) $10.99

Crispy potato wedges in sweet and spicy honey-chilli sauce

Malai Chicken Tikka (n) $16.99

Creamy chicken in a rich, aromatic sauce

Aloo Tiki Chaat (v) $12.99

Crispy potato patties with chutneys and yogurt

Hakka Noodles (v/n) $14.99

Stir-fried noodles with bell peppers and veggies

Manchurian (chicken/gobi) $14.99

Cauliflower or chicken balls with spices

Tandoori soya chaap(v) $15.99

Soya chaap marinated in Indian spices

Steam Momos(v) $13.99

Steam dumpling with vegetable filling

Tandoori Momos(v) $14.99

Tandoori dumplings with vegetable filling

Malai Momos (v) $15.99

Fried dumplings with vegetable filling with Malai

Amritsari Fish pakoda (n) $12.99

Crispy fried fish fritters

Lamb Chops (n) $25.99

Yogurt-marinated lamb chops with Indian spice

Tandoori Chicken Tikka (n) $16.99

48-hour marinated chicken with Kashmiri red chilli

Chilli Chicken (n) $15.99

Chicken fried with a feisty spice blend

Haryali Chicken (n) $15.99

Chicken marinated in green blend of mint, coriander, and yogurt

Chicken 65 (n) $15.99

Spicy chicken bites with red chilies and curry leaves

Amritsari Kulcha with Chana $11.99

Stuffed Indian bread served with spicy chickpeas

Chole Bhature $11.99

Fluffy deep-fried bread with spicy chickpea curry

Bowl- Hakka (cheese chilli, rice/noodles & pop) $11.99

Fusion bowl with cheese chilli, rice or noodles, and a fizzy beverage

Bowl- Hakka (Chilli Chicken, rice/noodles & pop) $13.99

Savory bowl with Chilli Chicken, rice or noodles, and a fizzy beverage

Bowl- Veg (1 curry, naan/rice & pop) $11.99

Customizable bowl with a choice of one vegetarian curry, naan or rice, and a fizzy…

Bowl- non veg (1 curry, naan/rice & pop) $13.99

Customizable bowl with a choice of one non-vegetarian curry, naan or rice, and a fizzy…

Dal Makhani(v) $16.99

Lentils cooked with aromatic spices with cream

Homestyle Chicken Curry (n) $18.99

Chicken cooked in a homely and aromatic curry

Malabar Shrimp Curry (n) $20.99

Shrimp in a savory and coconut curry for a delightful seafood option

Dhaba Style Dal Fried(v) $16.99

Lentils tampered with ginger, chilies and clarified Butter

Malabar Fish Curry (n) $19.99

Fish simmered in a coconut-based curry with aromatic spices

Paneer Lababdar (v) $17.99

Paneer cubes in a luscious tomato-based gravy with cream

Chicken Kadhai (n) $18.99

Chicken cooked with bell peppers, tomatoes, and a blend of spices

Paneer Makhani (v) $17.99

Silky paneer cubes in a buttery tomato and cashew nut gravy

Paneer Tikka Masala (v) $17.99

Grilled marinated paneer in a delectable tomato-based curry

Chana Masala (v) $16.99

Chickpeas in a flavorful blend of tomatoes and spices

Mix Veg (v) $17.99

Medley of fresh vegetables in a mildly spiced curry

Mushroom Do Pyaza (v) $16.99

Mushrooms saut?ed with onions in a rich and flavorful gravy

Palak Paneer (v) $17.99

Cubes of paneer in a creamy spinach sauce for a nutritious dish

Malai Kofta (v) $17.99

Vegetable dumplings in a rich and creamy tomato-based gravy

Bhindi (v) $16.99

Okra cooked to perfection in spices with duo of onions

Butter Chicken (n) $18.99

Tandoori chicken in a rich and velvety tomato-based curry

Chicken Tikka Masala (n) $18.99

Grilled chicken in a luscious tomato-based curry with spices

Goat Curry (n) $19.99

Tender goat meat slow-cooked in a flavorful blend of spices

Bhuna Gosht (n) $20.99

Succulent pieces of meat cooked in a thick and spicy gravy

Chicken Biryani (n) $15.99

Fragrant basmati rice with marinated chicken, herbs, and spices

Mutton Biryani (n) $17.99

Tender mutton pieces with fragrant basmati rice and aromatic spices

Veg Pulao (v) $13.99

Fragrant basmati rice with mixed vegetables and aromatic spices

Tandoori Roti $2.99

Soft whole wheat bread cooked in a traditional tandoor

Butter Naan $3.49

Leavened bread brushed with butter, soft and pillowy

Garlic Naan $3.99

Fluffy naan bread infused with garlic flavor

Mirchi Naan $3.99

Naan bread stuffed with green chillies for an extra kick

Lacha Prantha $4.99

Multi-layered whole wheat bread cooked on a griddle

Steam Rice $4.99

Fluffy and perfectly steamed basmati rice

Jeera Rice $5.99

Fragrant basmati rice cooked with cumin seeds

Raita- Plain $5.99

Creamy yogurt variations – plain

Raita-boondi $10.99

Creamy yogurt variations – boondi

Raita - veg/ pineapple $10.99

Creamy yogurt variations – veg/pineapple

onion salad $8.99

pickled onions

Green Salad $8.99

Fresh garden salad

Ice Cream With Brownie $10.99

Creamy vanilla ice cream served with a warm chocolate brownie

Gulab Jamun with Rabdi $10.99

Soft gulab jamun in syrup served with sweetened condensed milk

Rasmalai $7.99

Juicy cheese discs served with thickened milk

Cheese cake $8.99

Rich and creamy cheesecake with a hint of Indian flavors

Masala Tea $2.99

Classic Black tea with aromatic indian spices & herbs

Coffee $3.99

Milk Shake $6.99

Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry

Mango Lassi $5.99

Indian yogurt drink mixed with mango puree

Pops $2.99

Fries $5.99

Classic crispy fries, a perfect snack

Pasta (White/Red) $5.99

mac & cheese pasta for kids