Drinks Menu

Screaming Sensation $10.99

Vodka, Blue Curacao, Irish Cream, Grenadine

Desi dose $11.99

Whiskey, coke

Code 905 $9.99

Vodka , lime juice

Awara shot $12.99

Jaan Paan, Vodka

Booty Kick $10.99

vodka, Blue Curacao, Creme de Cacao, and Grenadine.

Heartbreaker $12.99

Tequila, Vodka,Triple Sec

Sweet Surrender $10.99

Blue Curacao, Coconut Rum, Lemon Juice.

Risky Business $10.99

Jagermeister, Redbull

Zombie Love Affair $9.99

Bailey’s Irish Cream, Amaretto Almond Liqueur

Midnight Glory $10.99

Irish Cream, Melon Liqueur, Peach Schnapps, Grenadine.

Awara Paan - 4 shots $13.99

Betel Leaf, Gulukand, Milk, Ice cream

The Pink Shadow $9.99

Delightful fusion of tropical flavors with citrus touch

Awara-Pan (s) $10.99

Playful blend of tropical fruits and a hint of citrus

Moye Moye Jito $9.99

Vibrant mix of zesty flavors and fresh herbs

Lemon Lavender $9.99

Lemon Juice, Lavender, Grenadine, Soda

Virgin Bloody Marry $9.99

Classic blend of tomato juice, spices, and a zesty kick

The Pink Shadow $9.99

Delightful fusion of tropical flavors

Cuddles on the Beach $9.99

Cranberry juice, Orange juice, Peach, Tangy Lime

Non-Stop Nectar $9.99

Burst of fruity goodness in every sip

Bold Jatt Blueberry $9.99

Rich, sweet notes of blueberries with a touch of citrus

Hauz Khas Hibiscus Hype $9.99

Exotic blend of hibiscus with a burst of tropical flavors

Marine Drive Mule Mix $9.99

Pineapple , mango, Mint, ginger beer

Lord of the drinks $10.99

Regal mocktail with a carefully crafted combination of premium ingredients

Liquid Peach $9.99

Fusion Blend of tropical flavors with peach  

Pisces's Secret Spice $18.00

Peach schnapps, orange juice, Vodka, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, grenedine, lime juice

Cancer's Moonlight Cocktail $17.00

Bourbon, Sugar, Angostura bitters

Aquarius Aqua Affair $14.99

Tequila/Mezcal, passionfruit, lime and honey

Tempting Taurus $14.99

Empress 1908 Gin, elderflower liqueur, lime

Gemini Stargaze $14.99

Peach schnapps, white rum, orange juice, cranberry juice

Vibrant Virgo $15.99

Gin, Campari, Aperol, Vermouth Rosso, Angostura bitters

Loving Libra $15.99

Reposado tequila, blanc vermouth, Aperol , triple sec, pineapple juice, lime

Scorpion Bite $14.99

Vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso

Sagittarius Spark $14.99

Irish whiskey, lemon, honey, ginger beer, bitters

Aries’s Fire $14.99

Dark rum, Campari, sweet vermouth, bitters

Capricorn’s Crown $14.99

White rum, pineapple, orange and coconut crème

Leo's Luxury $15.99

Amaretto, Bourbon, maple syrup, lime, bitters

Manhattan $15.99

Bourbon/Rye whiskey, Sweet Vermouth, Angostura Bitters

Citrus Twist Martini $14.99

Vodka, dry vermouth, triple sec, zesty twist

Green Enchantment $14.99

Gin, Midori liqueur, lime, soda

Vermouth Infusion $14.99

Gin, Dry Vermouth, aromatic bitters, soda

Vintage Elegance $15.99

White Rum, Elderflower liqueur , Hibiscus, lime

Summer Garden Breeze $15.99

Empress Gin, elderflower liqueur, lime, apple, cucumber, mint

Caribbean Zest Pina Colada $15.99

White rum, coconut rum, Pineapple juice, Coconut cream, Lime, bitters

Minty Moscow $14.99

White rum, Mint, Lime juice, ginger beer

Ukrainian Summer $14.99

Vodka, Cucumber, Ginger beer, Lemon twist

LIT (Long Island Tea) $18.99

Vodka, white rum, gin, Tequila, triple Sec, lemon juice, syrup, cola splash

AWARA-Paan Mojito (House Special) $15.99

White rum, Paan liqueur, Mint, Lime juice, Soda

Bloody Mary $14.99

Vodka, tomato juice, lime, Worcestershire , red hot pepper

Cosmopolitan $14.99

Vodka, Triple sec, lime and cranberry juice

Devil’s Margarita $14.99

Blanco tequila, agave, red wine, lime

Margarita $14.99

Blanco tequila, triple sec, lime juice

Old Fashioned $14.99

Bourbon or Rye Whiskey, simple syrup and Angostura Bitters

Negroni $15.99

London Dry gin, Sweet Vermouth, Campari

Whiskey Sour $14.99

Whiskey , lime, sugar syrup